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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 Now I know what you're thinking...haven't I already seen this grey sweater? And you would be right. A mere three days ago. And again yesterday. Which might make me the worst fashion blogger in history. So let's just accept that this is a "Portland lifestyle" post and move on, shall we?

Last night, I met my girlfriends Lindsy and Morgan for dinner at Isabel in the Pearl. Did you know that Isabel does half-price bottles of wine on Wednesday nights? Hey-O! We ordered a bottle of riesling and some fish tacos and discussed the important things in life, like why Jay-Z and Kanye didn't take the stage at their concert in Tacoma for nearly two and a half hours. My guess is that Kanye was in the middle of a pedicure. Or Beyoncé didn't want to be left alone backstage. I'm curious what you guys think. Leave a comment below if you feel like it.

1 comment:

  1. They were probably at the $5 Craps tables at Emerald Queen Casino dropping mad Abrahams.