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Thursday, December 22, 2011



shirt: Ann Taylor, cardigan: Mom's hand-me-down, trench coat: Cole Haan, jeans: Citizens of Humanity, shoes: Qupid,  bag: Cole Haan
Yay! A photoshoot outside of the apartment! In natural light! It's a miracle! (A miracle that Phil and I were out the door early enough to have time for these photos.) Yesterday I was in a bit of a layering mood. I've been indulging in a few (dozen) holiday treats lately so I needed some layers to cover my layers if you know what I mean.
Speaking of which, Phil and I finally checked out Little Big Burger on NW 10th and Davis last night. Not only was the food delicious (the fry sauce - holy moly), but the music they were playing had my shoulders poppin' all night. You try listening to Jagged Edge - Where the Party At without busting a move. Altogether, a very enjoyable dining experience. Thanks LBB!

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