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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Product wall at Sugar Laboratories

Oribe product line

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Last night, I made my bimonthly pilgrimage to Hair Mecca, AKA Sugar Laboratories, on NE 15th and Broadway. My dull, limp locks were in desperate need of some lovin', and I am pleased to say that this latest trip did not disappoint. Sugar Labs is arguably the best hair/beauty salon in Portland, what with its friendly receptionists, cool, modern aesthetic and wide array of hair products (not to mention a stellar selection of magazines). Of course, the real reason I go to Sugar Labs is the insanely talented Mimi Nelson. We're talking about a woman who you have to book an appointment with two months in advance. I would sooner reschedule surgery than try to reschedule my hair appointment with Mimi. That's how good she is. I've been going to Mimi since the fifth grade. We've been through it all - short hair, long hair, bangs, highlights, bleaching, even blue and green streaks at one point (I was going through a one-week "edgy" phase in fifth grade). Lately, I've been wearing my hair super long and bright blonde (almost white blonde). Here's the finished product from last night. 
What do you think?

Dressing room iPhone photo shoot

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